Hard Rock Casinos - Hard Rock Falls Short

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I visited the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa for the first time in about 2 years. I remembered it as a welcome, enjoyable environment and I was eager to return.

What I found once I arrived there was a complete deterioration of the atmosphere. The parking lot was full of characters loitering around. There were several obvious prostitutes hanging around in the parking lot waiting to be picked up. I was barraged with harassing, rude, sexual comments from quite a few of the thugs that were just hanging around the parking lot, the entrance, and all around the slot machines.

I was actually fearful for my safety, and I'm not one who trembles easily. I left immediately and vowed to NEVER go there again!

I think it's a shame that a respectable name like the Hard Rock Casino is so poorly represented and I will restrict my visits to the Hard Rock to the ones in other cities.


Helene Ross

Review about: Hard Rock Casino.

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